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Professional Web Design that will position your Hobart business strategically in the market.

The Loop Web Design team are a group of experienced web designers and developers who will immerse themselves into your business and team to build you a tailored website that will align and support your business vision and strategic goals.

Our responsive designs are never off the shelf, your designs will be custom coded to deliver a result that will grow your business and will be easy to manage following the launch of your new website.

As a Web Design agency, you will have access to our expert SEO techniques, three stage servers providing fast loading website speed and WordPress website management training.


Google Reviews

Dmitri Dalla-Riva

Dmitri Dalla-Riva

Learnmate Tutoring

Hands down the best web developer agency around. Fast, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. They build a laser fast website and were super receptive to my feedback along the way. 5/5!

Karen Fletcher

Karen Fletcher

Homes Not Prisons

We especially appreciated that Nathaniel understood and responded to our needs as a community organisation. He stepped us through the process and made very useful suggestions about how to make our site as effective as possible. Thoroughly recommend!

Lara Freidin

Lara Freidin

Federation Of Community Legal Centres

We hired Nathaniel and the team at Loop Web Design to create a microsite for us and it looks fantastic! They were highly professional and efficient, responsive to all of our requests, and did an overall excellent job. Highly recommend.

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Custom Designs

We understand that no business is the same, that’s why our team of experts will create you a custom design website build to meet your business needs while incorporating website best practise to support website conversion.
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Responsive Designs

We know a large portion of traffic to websites is from a mobile, tablet and small laptop, that’s why we will deliver a responsive website that will keep your visitors engaged regardless of their screen size.

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Get found on Google

We want your business to be successful, and with a leading team of SEO experts we will ensure our Web Designers are kept up to date on SEO best practise for your website build.

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Easy to Manage

No previous technical experience managing a website and in need of a new and easy to manage site? We can help, our site builds require no previous experience, if you need to write a new blog or add a new image quickly and efficiently you can.

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Loads Fast

Our website builds load fast, ensuring you will not miss out on prospective clients or leads with a website that ranks 90% or higher for google page speed.

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We understand businesses grow and move quickly, that why when we complete your website build, our team will deliver training on how to manage your website and specific content needs going forward.

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About Us

With extensive experience and knowledge in business technology, our Web Design team will support your business success journey to create a tailored and responsive website that is designed to ensure your Hobart business stands out. Working with businesses of varying sizes, our team has created over 200 tailored websites for our clients, and importantly to us we have played a part in their success.

We are looking forward to working with you to build a quality and highly responsive business website that compliments and supports your business vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Web Design at Loop

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to design and build a new website?

Small business websites typically begin at $4500 excluding GST and can extend up to $200,000 based on complexity and features. E-commerce websites start at $6000 excluding GST. Our pricing structure is straightforward: $825 per design page. If a page is a replication with updated design elements, such as service pages with a similar structure but different images, the charge is $410 for that page. This transparent system ensures clarity and flexibility in meeting your specific website needs.

What platform or content management system will be used to build the website?

We exclusively use WordPress as the primary platform and content management system (CMS) for building websites. WordPress is chosen for its numerous advantages, most notably being an open-source platform and its exceptional SEO capabilities.

Open Source Accessibility:

WordPress is an open-source platform, which means the source code is freely available for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. This accessibility fosters a robust community of developers continuously contributing to its improvement. It also allows for extensive customization to meet specific client needs.

User-Friendly Interface:

WordPress boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for clients to manage and update their website content without the need for advanced technical skills. This user-centric design ensures that clients have control over their websites’ content, reducing the reliance on developers for routine updates.

Extensive Plugin Ecosystem:

With a vast array of plugins available, WordPress offers unparalleled flexibility. These plugins allow for easy integration of additional features and functionalities, ranging from SEO tools to e-commerce solutions. This extensibility ensures that your website can grow and adapt to evolving business requirements.

SEO-Friendly Architecture:

WordPress is inherently designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Its clean and well-structured code, combined with features like customizable permalinks, makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index content. This contributes to better search engine rankings and improved visibility for your website.

Regular Updates and Security Measures:

WordPress is a dynamic platform that receives regular updates, addressing security vulnerabilities and introducing new features. This commitment to security ensures that your website remains protected against potential threats, providing a safe online environment for your users.

How long does it typically take to design and launch a new website?

Designing and launching a new website is a meticulous process, and at our agency, we prioritize delivering high-performance custom-designed websites. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail means that our websites may take a little longer than some other agencies, but we believe the investment in time results in a superior final product.

For a marketing site, our typical timeline is in the range of 3 to 4 months. This duration allows us to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs, create a tailored design, and implement the necessary features to ensure a standout online presence.

When it comes to e-commerce sites, the timeline extends to approximately 4 to 5 months. E-commerce websites involve additional complexities, such as payment gateways, product listings, and a seamless shopping experience. The extra time invested in this process is crucial to developing a robust and high-performing online store.

What sets us apart is our dedication to custom design and functionality. We go beyond the standard offerings of many agencies, putting in the extra effort to craft a website that not only meets but exceeds expectations. This approach involves close collaboration with our clients, ensuring that every aspect of the website aligns with their brand identity and business goals.

While some agencies may prioritize quicker turnaround times, we firmly believe that the additional time invested in our projects results in websites that stand out in terms of design, performance, and user experience. Our goal is to provide our clients with a digital presence that not only meets their immediate needs but positions them for long-term success in their respective industries.

Will the website be mobile-friendly and responsive?

Absolutely! Ensuring that your website is accessible and visually appealing across a variety of devices is a top priority for us. We take great care in crafting custom designs that are not only optimized for desktop and laptop screens but are also responsive and mobile-friendly.

Our design process involves creating layouts that seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes, including tablets and mobile devices. This approach guarantees that your website will look and function exceptionally well on the majority of devices available to users.

By prioritizing responsive design, we aim to provide your audience with a consistent and enjoyable user experience, regardless of the device they choose to access your site. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also aligns with current best practices and search engine algorithms that favor mobile-friendly websites.

Can I update and manage the content on the website myself, or will I need technical assistance?

Absolutely! Yes, you will have the capability to update and manage the content on your website independently. We prioritize user-friendly content management systems, and you’ll receive the necessary training and guidance to navigate and make changes to your site without requiring technical assistance. This empowers you to have control over your website’s content and keep it up-to-date with ease.

Is training provided on how to use and manage the website once its live?

Certainly! Yes, we provide comprehensive training sessions before the website is launched. Our goal is to ensure you are well-equipped to navigate and manage your website independently, empowering you to make updates and maintain your online presence effectively.

What ongoing maintenance or support options are available after the website is launched?

Certainly! After the website is launched, you have the option to maintain it yourself or opt for our maintenance service. For a non-e-commerce website, our maintenance plan is available at $99 per month or $1089 per year. This plan includes up to 4 hours per month for addressing theme depreciations, exclusively applicable to websites built by us. It’s designed to ensure your site continues to perform optimally and remains up-to-date with the latest standards. Additionally, we offer ongoing WordPress support, available on-demand or through a retainer basis, providing you with the flexibility to choose the level of assistance that best suits your needs.

Can the website be easily scaled or expanded in the future if my business grows?

Certainly! Yes, the website can be easily scaled or expanded in the future, and this is precisely why we build on WordPress using the methods we employ. WordPress’s inherent flexibility and our strategic design and development practices ensure that your website can seamlessly grow alongside your business, accommodating future enhancements and expansions effortlessly.

Will the website be optimized for performance, including page loading speed?

Absolutely! Yes, we prioritize building high-performance websites, and this includes optimizing page loading speed. Ensuring a fast and seamless user experience is a fundamental aspect of our design and development process.

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