The ultimate web design guide: Can I use WordPress for an enterprise level website?

Insights, Wordpress

In this article we're going to discuss if WordPress can be used to build an enterprise level website? The answer is, yes, it can, however it's not necessarily how you will find most WordPress websites are...

The ultimate web design guide: Designing your website homepage to convert

Insights, Wordpress

Messaging When beginning the design stage of your website, the team at Loop Web Design recommend putting yourself in the shoes of the type of site visitor you would like to attract. When you begin work...

The ultimate web design guide: 5 Questions to ask yourself before you build your next website

Insights, Wordpress

In this article, we're going to talk about five important questions to ask yourself before building your next website. The first question is to talk about who is your target market? Who do you want to...

How to prevent hackers on your site: Know where your passwords are

Wordpress Security

The seventh part of our series on how to keep your website secure involves the one word that can make any person feel stressed – passwords! We completely understand that feeling. There is significant advantage to...


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Know who to turn to for support

Wordpress Security

Ensuring you have a secure website is one of the most important business processes you can have in place. That’s why it is important to us to discuss the steps you can take to prevent a...

Why you need Cloudflare for your business website

Wordpress Security

Are you spending a great deal of time looking at the ways you can keep your website secure? As a Web Design business we understand how complex this is, and how overwhelming all of the long...

Keep your site secure, Use Wordfence

Wordpress Security

One of the best security features we have discovered in our years of working with websites is a plugin called Wordfence. You may remember us saying in a previous post that plugins can be places of...

The importance of strong passwords

Wordpress Security

If you roll your eyes every time a new app or website asks you to choose a new password to access their service, you’re not alone. And quite possibly, like so many people, you tend to...

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