How to prevent hackers on your site: Know where your passwords are

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The seventh part of our series on how to keep your website secure involves the one word that can make any person feel stressed – passwords! We completely understand that feeling. There is significant advantage to knowing the location of all of your passwords in relation to your website, as this will have a big impact on the speed you can receive support in the event that your website is hacked.

What passwords should I know?

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give you when managing your website is to keep all of your passwords in the one place, so that you can quickly pass this information on to your WordPress support, developer or Technician.

You may be thinking, it’s ok I know all of my passwords, and that may well be the case even in a world with a password for almost everything we do on a day-to-day basis. However, let us provide some examples of passwords that you may not necessarily know off the top of your head, or have immediate access to in an urgent website situation.

Many businesses may find they have their domain, hosting and email all in one platform which is great as it makes accessing the password much simpler. However we know that most often this is not the case, and your domain is in a separate place to your hosting, email or the hosting of your DNS if you use Cloudflare. While Cloudflare also allows domains to be managed through its service, more often businesses are using it for DNS management for security purposes as we discussed in our recent blog.

What are my options for accessing all of my passwords?

What would be your answer if we were to ask you where all of your passwords are? Could you swiftly provide them to your web design and support person if you needed them?

If your answer is no, we highly recommend using a password manager such as LastPass, which we talked about in our strong passwords blog. By creating a secure note in this piece of software you are ensuring you keep all of your passwords not only in a secure way, you will also have this information in the one place for immediate access when required.

The team here at Loop Web Design want to make sure that your website remains secure and you lose minimal time in the event of a website hack, that is why it’s important you consider how to locate your passwords quickly for your web support team to reduce your website being down for days.

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