Know who to turn to for support

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Ensuring you have a secure website is one of the most important business processes you can have in place. That’s why it is important to us to discuss the steps you can take to prevent a potential security event on your website.

You will have read our previous five blogs in relation to website security, the next important step that we highly recommend you take is setting up a relationship with a web support company.

How can a web support company help my business?

Whether it's working with us Jiffi Web Help or someone else in our field, it is important to build a strong relationship with a Web Developer or web support company who can promptly act in the event of a major website event.  Making time to set up this relationship and provide important business information will ensure they have access to your different platforms, your DNS, your domain and your website and they can be on hand when you need them most. A support company having this information in hand reduces any potential time lost endlessly searching for passwords in what can be a stressful and time critical situation.

Building this important relationship with us or another web support company prior to a situation arising will also ensure you have a full understanding of the support you have access too. Important knowledge including the costs of support, the expected turnaround times and key contacts are critical when the time comes to require business support.

Making the time available in your calendar to work with a website support company to set up a process and building this relationship, can mean the difference between a couple of minutes of downtime or a couple of days.

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