Why you need Cloudflare for your business website

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Are you spending a great deal of time looking at the ways you can keep your website secure? As a Web Design business we understand how complex this is, and how overwhelming all of the long lists of tips and tricks that fill your email inbox can be especially when you are a busy business owner.

We have spent time researching a variety of ways you can help to keep your website secure, and here at Loop Web Design one of the great tools we love to use for our websites is Cloudflare.

Cloudflare provides you with a uniquely designed level of protection for your website that is in place when a user initially discovers your domain, and before they approach your website. This provides a higher level of protection and can prevent hackers moving too far into a website attack.

Why is Cloudflare the best option for you?

Utilising a DNS level firewall, Cloudflare is an easy to navigate and user friendly piece of software. There are an assortment of helpful elements, including that you are given access to some advanced tools, that are particularly useful in the event of a hack attempt or if your website begins receiving spam attacks.

You can act quickly and efficiently using Cloudflare to block particular countries or particular IP addresses, and in the event of any major website attacks you can utitlise Cloudflare to quickly mitigate the situation.

Cloudflare is a great business tool to have in place to help safeguard any future security issues. If you would like more information on how we can help you build a new or existing website, get in touch with the Loop Web Design team, we would love to work with you and provide further information on helpful website solutions.

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